Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ceramics Southern Africa’s Ultra-Furn Regional Exhibition 2012

Clover Premier Award for Expression
Cecilia Robinson.
Museum Africa Newtown,
Sunday the 12 of May was the awards ceremony of Ceramics Southern Africa’s Ultra-Furn Regional Exhibition. The exhibition runs from 13 - 25 May at Museum Africa, downtown in Newtown, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Gallery hours are Tues-Sun: 09:00-17:00. Take note the museum is closed on Mondays.
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Carolyn Heydenrych
Last year's Premier Award Winner.

Margot Rudolph
I was requested to take the photos of each and every selected piece for a visual catalogue available on CD, to also do the layout and display of the ceramic pieces, including the opening address. The images featured here provide insight into the layout of the exhibition, the award winning pieces and a select few of my favourites. This is the second time I was involved with the layout and display of each and every work.  I have mounted numerous exhibitions over the years, too many to number. 
Pamela Schroeder.

Nic Sithole
I love doing it and always strive to showcase each and every piece to maximum effect – keeping in mind that each and every ceramist dream of getting their work selected for this awards exhibition and the national. Bearing testament to their persistence in mastering the discipline specific skills of this age-old craft tradition. This is the ultimate platform to gain recognition for your work – amongst your fellow ceramists and peers, often in the company of your mentor and or local role-models.

John Shirley.
This year setting up the exhibition was a lot easier. To be honest, it was a real pleasure and honour. Because I photographed each and every work, I had perfect insight into the diverse range of works selected for the awards exhibition, including the award winning pieces. 
Kim Sacks
I could therefore consider various layout options for the exhibition, visualizing the work within the space. I have done a few exhibitions at the museum. The layout for the exhibition came to me at three the morning of setting up the exhibition . I decided to divide the exhibition into specific sections; aiming to exhibit work demonstrating similar qualities, characteristics and appearance. 
Sandy Godwin
It is always important to consider enough space for each work, enabling viewers to appreciate the work from all angles, whilst addressing the fragile nature of the work on display. I always try to exhibit each piece on its own plinth – grouping the work of each artist together, or in close proximity. A large percentage of the ceramists’ explored fragility and translucency, their work required a space with sufficient light to best display their inimitable vitrified surfaces.

Michelle Legg
Although there were figurative ceramic statements, the largest ceramic works on display were pots. The vessel takes centre stage at this year’s exhibition, winning the major awards. Pots in all shapes, sizes, and techniques and with a variety of surface development options are on display. Demonstrating that Gauteng province has a diverse range of skilled potters to transfer skills to aspiring ceramists within the local communities. This exhibition is a perfect ensemble of ceramic work – demonstrating the diverse range and creative scope of clay techniques and methods available in the region.

Cecilia Robinson.
Premier Award Winner.

Congratulations to the award winners.

Clover Premier Award for Expression
Cecilia Robinson.
Glazecor Premier Award for use.
Eunice Botes
Ndebele Milling & Mining Award.
Renata Kruyswijk
Lionheart Chemical Enterprises Award for Expression
Sandy Godwin
Belmont Ceramics Award for function
Nic Sithole
Potters Supplies & Mail Order Award
Karen Murray
Van Tuyl Kilns & Furnaces New Signatures Award
Poorvi Bhana

Gerhard van den Heever

Poorvi Bhana
The opening was well attended and my display efforts were widely appreciated and acknowledged. However I could not have done it alone, without the diligent support of Colleen Lehmkuhl and her assistants. Great patience is required to achieve the desired effect. 
Margot Rudplph

Especially if you are running out of plinths with a number of ceramic statements still requiring there own unique space and place within the overall display. Regrouping and redressing existing displays is required to incorporate all the selected works, the final few pieces the most demanding in terms of time and energy.  
Hazel Sherman

The focus of my opening address

Ceramics Southern Africa is an umbrella organization that requires all your support. Every individual potter, studio ceramist, ceramic sculptor, ceramic crafts-person and ceramic artist should feel obligated to make a contribution to the development of the organization. Those who go along for the ride, capitalizing on its activities to promote their work and ceramic endeavours should stop and ask what they are giving back to the organization. Many of its organisers are getting older and require your support and assistance to ensure it delivers an effective and efficient service to its members - well into the future. 
Karen van der Riet
The future of ceramics rests solely on the shoulders of this organization – every aspiring ceramist requires its services in terms of his and her personal growth and development. There are only a few Tertiary Ceramic Departments left in South Africa (nothing in Johannesburg) and without the informal technology transfer and training facilities of the members off Ceramic SA – there would be nothing, absolutely nothing, not this awards exhibition, no national competitions, no clay-day, no official website, nor a Facebook page  – nothing, absolutely nothing. Make sure you offer your expertise to ensure its growth and development, rather than your indifference contributing to its demise.

Nic Sithole 
This is an exciting year for ceramists, as each region is hosting their awards exhibition, followed by Ceramics SA’s Biennale Awards Exhibition for 2012.