Saturday, February 21, 2009

Porcelain hand built sketch.

Encounter. (Feb.09) 170x140x50 mm. Hand built porcelain piece. I have not hand built with porcelain for about 13 years. I decided to make work whilst teaching ceramic practice to the second years. They had to explore plasticity and rigidity; a project brief, introducing them to hand building. Working with slabs and modeling organic and related material, they had to create a piece that demonstrated the diverse properties of clay. Appropriate surfaces had to be developed (mainly textures) to compliment the two contrasting themes. I took the images of the piece, with my cell phone, when it came out of the kiln this morning. I gave a talk at Ceramics SA's AGM. Everyone there enjoyed the work, I therefore decided to post it on my blog. Below is a detail of the fish perturbed by the impending doom on the surface - a Hokusai inspired Wave's encounter with a shark. The same wave appears in two dimensions (ballpoint pen drawing) as a decal / transfer on the paper boats in the to be continued post below.

Encounter (Detail)

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