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Origin of Murder; Gallery 1996-98.

Origin of Murder II (Detail) 300mm height X 120 width 1996. Collection Sandton Civic Art Gallery. Press Moulded in terra-cotta clay with hand built extensions, fired to 1120 degrees Celsius.
This particular series of sculptures (origin of murder) are based on African myths, legends and sagas (stories) defining the cause of murder; prevalent in our society today. There was one particular narrative that appealed to me. It had so many aspects to it, from a metaphysical perspective, especially when fused with analogous material drawn from everyday experiences during these difficult times in my life; defecting crime away from our apartment in Yeoville, as explained in the previous post entry. 
Being a victim of crime, a robbery and numerous attempts, including a hijacking, imbued the work with a therapeutic angle. A creative outlet for life-changing inner struggles; dealing with fear, anger, frustration and great uncertainty. The narrative, myth & or legend's title is The child and the eagle. The myth explains the origin of murder. Because of this event; people continue to kill each other . The legend is recorded below.

Origin of Murder III. 1996. (Detail above) 300mm height X 100 width. Press Moulded in terra-cotta clay with hand built extensions, fired to 1120 degrees Celsius.

The child and the eagle
A woman was out in the field attending to their crops. She had her young daughter with her, who continued to cry day in and day out. However on a particular day an eagle descended upon the child as she was crying and soothed her with it's outspread wings. The child became silent and the eagle took to the skies. This miraculous event  continued to  amaze the mother and one day in her marveled state, could not resist to tell her husband. He however refused to believe her, as it could never happen.  
When it happened again, the mother went to call her husband. He took his bow and arrow and when he saw the eagle on his child, alarmed he charged his bow with two arrows, that he may pierce the eagle. The eagle dodged the two arrows, which then pierced his child, killing her instantly. 

Origin of Murder I,  1996. 300mm height X 120 mm width. Press-moulded with hand built extension in terra-cotta clay, fired to 1120 degrees Celsius. 

The eagle personified a friendly person that wanted to extend help to the distressed child. Nevertheless, the mistrusting father, took matters into his own hands and due to his reckless actions, the eagle cursed him; kindness amongst men at an end. Because you killed your child, beginning with you and going on to all people, you shall kill each other. To this day people kill each other. 

Origin of Murder I. (1995) (detail) see caption above for more details.
Origin of Murder II (1996), 300mm height X 120 mm width, collection Sandton Civic Art Gallery. Press-moulded with hand built extensions in Terra-cotta clay, fired to 1120 degrees Celsius.

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