Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hon's auction Encounter - Ceramics SA AGM Feb 2011.

Encounter. (Feb.09) 170 x 140 x 50 mm. Hand built porcelain piece
The 7th of January was the birthday of this blog, yes it is two years old. To celebrate the occasion, I am donating one of my pieces to be auctioned at the 2011, AGM of Ceramics SA – watch the media for details. Why this piece you may ask. The work titled, Encounter, came out of the kiln two years ago, born on the day of the AGM of Ceramics SA in 2009 (I gave a presentation at the AGM).
To wet your appetite, I decided to showcase the piece here on my blog, the support drawings and insight into the conceptual development, including reference material that inspired the styling; techniques and methods that make this one of my most special hand-built pieces. Hopefully it will inspire would-be bidders to raise money for a good cause.
The encounter (170X140X50mm). The piece takes the form and shape of a rocking seascape with impending doom on the surface, an encounter between a shark and a wave. On the surface there is formal harmony, the wave and the shark sharing the same shape, however the turmoil is lurching below, the fish scattering in all directions, jumping in and out through ‘mandorla’ almond shaped piercings (symbol of rebirth). Ultimately the piece celebrates the joy of making, the beauty in the material (hand built and carved porcelain) and then there is the meaning – impending doom, Always ! - that is life. – Tsunami ?

Reference material. The wave was inspired by the great Wave off Kanagawa, a woodblock print by the Japanese artist, Hokusai. The wave has featured in a number of my works including, Riding High (1984).

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Jaimianne said...

88 visitors a day and 2 years! Congrats and best wishes!


martinia said...

I really very appreciate your lovely custom artwork. I always follow your very interesting blog, is my favorites.Congratulations:)

Alberto Andrés said...

Congratulations for your two years old!!! Continue it.