Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Registration of the projected animation

Checking the registration of the projection at the start of the installation.
It is vital to plan the size of the installation, matching the ceramic installation with the envisaged projected animation. I need to design and construct a base for the ceramics to be displayed on.  It has to be the right height to achieve a balance between the size of the decoy ducks and the images in the animation. 
Not too low, making it impossible for the viewer to really appreciate and engage the sculptural form and shape of the decoy ducks. It also cant be too high as the size of the decoy ducks determines the maximum height one can go with the projector. The drawings will not fit the actual ceramic work if the distance between the installation and the projector is not sufficient.  I also need to determine how many of the decoy ducks could fit into the oval shape of the anticipated projection. Aligning all these aspects is vital to the success of the entire statement.

I have painted the decoy-ducks a semi-sheen acrylic white paint to ensure that the projection is clear and all the detail is captured on the works.  The entire installation will be in a darkened space of the gallery. I am in the process of obtaining a high definition projector to ensure maximum clarity of the projected animation It is one week to complete the entire installation. 

The exhibition opens on Monday the 9th of May. Not much time left to get everything finalized. Next Thursday everything has to be completed. I have slip cast all the decoy-ducks. Some of the decoy-ducks are being fired and assembled whilst others are drying.


Wyn Vogel said...

Eugene - these are beautiful shapes! just beautiful - will hang out to see the final product!

jim gottuso said...

hi eugene,
your last post and the craftsmanship of the mo(u)ld making process are both excellent. as a former sculpture graduate student that made lots of plaster mo(u)lds, i'm always impressed when someone executes the process with attention to detail and doesn't cut corners. of course, i would never have expected anything less from your work. the decoy has an impressive scale, it wasn't till i saw the picture of it on the table that i realized its presence. may 9th! wow, that's an aggressive deadline. the registration of the video seems to be a rather difficult and tedious hurdle in the process. good luck with the installation, i'm sure it will be fantastic. i loved the first pic, as i loaded your blog on the browser i saw the gradated colors on the decoy and for a second thought that it was some pastel colored slips applied to it.