Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ceramic installation with projected animation; and the ship sails on

ceramics, projected animation, and the ship sails on.

The animation is on a loop and ultimately starts in brightness, the projectors light bearing down on four light absorbing three dimensional decoy-ducks, strategically placed in their spot, on a carefully constructed oval shaped base. The projected light echoes the shape of the support structure, it does so due to an ellipse constructed stencil, attached to the projector - bolted to the ceiling. 
First stage of the animation; projected ballpoint pen
drawings of the water. Reference the moon flask.
 The first images to make its appearance, is the blue ballpoint pen drawings simulating water (inspired by the water in the moon flask), animated in different sizes and hues, creating depth in the projected surface, forming the backdrop at the start of the animation. The animated water moves from left to right, creating an illusion of the ducks swimming in the water.

Second stage ballpoint pen drawings (top view) of decoy duck
projected onto the three dimensional forms of the slip cast ducks 
Fading in and projected onto two of the decoy-ducks are the top view ballpoint pen drawings of the ducks (image of the left - detail), encapsulating their three-dimensional forms, reiterating the handmade process that preceded their existence on the plinth. A luminous blue is projected onto the two remaining decoy-ducks, creating an interesting composition of various animated surface options; a celebration of their three dimensional forms. These are strong voluptuous modernist forms, inspired by my mentor’s stylized conventions, stripped of all decoration – then considered a crime.

Then suddenly the animated cobalt-blue five-clawed dragon, makes its appearance, moving through the layered images reminiscent of water. He is very large, creating interesting negative spaces as he sweeps his claws over the ceramic decoy-duck installation, bringing forth change (a creature of the sea –power over the elements and seasons). 
He is the cultural symbol of China, but more importantly he enjoys historic significance in our world of clay. He is as powerful today as he was when he made his appearance on the moonflask painted centuries ago (the reference for this work).  This is a celebration of the handmade, closely associated with the crafts, the beauty it brings and offers to those that value the joy of making.

The five clawed dragon sweeps across the decoy-duck installation, effortlessly moving over the three –dimensional forms, his spirit imbues each decoy-duck with the joys of spring, sprays of peonys in a variety of colours, pink, red and blue. Peonys in a variety of colours envelope each of the four luminous, sunlit yellow decoy-ducks. These flowers are symbols of riches and honour.  Beauty is bestowed upon all whom his spirit touches; they radiate warmth, the abundance and joy of spring –as they enter a reinvented “Arcadia”.


Wyn Vogel said...

Eugene - this is absolutely amazing - the beauty of this blows you away - I wish I could see it in the real time! The amount of work you have put into this, is truly being paid back to you in spades by the wonder of it all!!

jim said...

hi eugene,
i can't get over how well the technical end of all this came together. the registration is perfect and i would love to see the segment where the water moves by and gives the illusion of the ducks swimming. the projected image of your ink drawing of the duck on the duck is fantastic and makes it clear that one would be extremely hard pressed to achieve that image in any other way, nevermind trying to achieve it with glazes and such. congrats on a beautiful conceived and executed project. i'm sure it was very well-received.