Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Joburg Gay Pride 2011; Desire & Aspire.

Pride of Africa
Joburg Pride 2011 celebrated its 22 years of existence at Zoo Lake Sports Club on Saturday the 1st of October. The theme this year was Born This Gay. The celebration started with the usual march through the streets of Rosebank, starting and finishing at Zoo Lake. This year’s focus was directed at upholding our liberal and all inclusive constitution; calling for the protection of all human rights contained therein, but especially those sexual minorities who are victimized on a daily basis. (as cited in the official Guide for Joburg Pride, Pride of Africa).

Joburg Pride 2011(official website link) is therefore proud to present its theme for 2011 – Born This Gay. The aim is to creatively, without fail and without shame, encourage society to speak out and take action against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender hate crime. The entire community needs to consistently drive the message that being gay, lesbian, transgender or intersex is NOT a fashion statement, a sickness, a crime, a curse or a choice.

Since the first democratic election held 17 years ago, in 1994, we would have hoped for some change, increased education, protection and justice. We live in a society with the most liberal constitution in the world, however discrimination and abuse is an everyday occurrence; If being in the closet is hard enough – then living a life with issues being swept under the carpet is even worse.

These images showcase the festive spirit of the Party ; a Gay celebration of freedom of association. The event, as always, was stunningly organized and marvelously supported and held in a good spirit. Not to be missed if you wish to enjoy yourself in a place with arguably the best party goers in the business (in solidarity of course).

All inhibitions were forgotten during the parade as lovers, friends, acquaintances and the inquisitive, all joined in the thirst quenching party at the Zoo Lake Sports Club (no alcohol was permitted to be consumed during the Parade). The outrageous attire and well-toned flesh provided a to be desired and aspired appeal amongst the party goers. This was an opportunity to be, and to be seen, adore and be adorned. 

This event, held annually during the months of spring, provides a perfect platform for body-perfect vehicles to drive home desires amongst the aspiring revelers. Joburg Pride annually is an event to express yourself, to forget yourself, be true to yourself and or just admire the other being and enjoying themselves.

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jim said...

looks like a fun day for everyone there. not sure how SA compares to US in regard to LGTB issues but sometimes it seems like we're going backwards here in the states and it saddens me. i'm ambivalent because part of me knows that it is inevitable that progressive ideas about such things will prevail in the end but sometimes the intractable nature of the opponents makes me think it won't happen in my lifetime.