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Food Wine & Design Fair 2011 - Hyde Park Rooftop 25 - 27 Nov., 2011.

Botanica Products, Studio Formafantasma,
as cited in Vogue living Australia.
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It is that time of the year again; the summer is upon us. Time to get out of the office and the comfort of our homes to enjoy the sunshine, the hot weather and the green grass. 

The flowers are blooming and for some of us the flesh is freshly tanned from the scorching sun on the Highveld. This weekend offer those individuals keen on good food, good wine and fine design, the opportunity to celebrate the natural goodness that life has to offer.
The Food Wine Design Fair - Hyde Park Rooftop 25 - 27 Nov. 2011. I am referring to all things natural and authentic – the Neo green as cited at Neo Green Life. Their buzzwords are ‘sustainable’, ‘clean and green’ and ‘carbon footprint sound the call for a new paradigm that will protect our planetary resources for future generations.

Goet Design
This year’s Food Wine Design Fair (Roof top Hyde Park), it would seem, the focus is on everything clean and green. Wood is everywhere to be seen. The emphasis is definitely on the natural, there is no need for heavy makeup, and don’t expect excessive glamour. Be yourself and dress freshly for the occasion, come prepared to relax, to touch and to smell. It is all good, fresh and delicious. 

Batch Design
Latest Trends as cited in Elle Decoration SA & Vogue Living Australia.

These ideas are in keeping with the latest trends as advocated by the local Elle Decoration and Vogue Living Australia. Issue no 80 revealing 42 New Ways with Flowers and Invouge focusing on Organic matters – the natural bounty.

Overberg Farmhouse interior as cited in Elle Decoration

Deco’s spring issue is packed with springtime inspiration – from clever ways with flowers to garden fresh recipes. But says Laureen Rossouw the editor, it is also about being imaginative and spontaneous, and staying open to the beauty around you, no matter the weather. 
(as cited in Elle Decoration Oct/Nov 2011, page 9)

Nic Bladen, Botanical Sculptures.
 Frozen in space to preserve a piece of nature. 

The work of Nic Bladen needs special mention here, beautifully cast jewellery and sculptural works. Demonstrating his master casting techniques. Reminiscent of botanical studies, true to life, they embody our determination to preserve nature at a time of radical climate change and global warming. Untouched and unspoilt, these plants will not fade or die, frozen in space even their roots are captured, leaving nothing to the imagination, but everything to be admired and desired.

Botanica Products, Studio Formafantasma.
As cited in Vogue living Australia.

Invouge’s Organic Matters.

Produced by Studio Formafantasma, the Botanica exhibition was a highlight of the recent Milan Design Week. The project, commissioned by Italy’s Plart Foundation, investigates Eco alternatives to synthetically derived plastics: natural -, plant -, and animal based polymers such as dammar (a varnish tapped from trees) and shellac ( a resin secreted from the Lac Beetle). 

Vase, Botanica Exhibition.
Studio Formafantasma

These faux-plastic pieces have found voice in a move to organic materials , motifs, pictured above and below. (cited in vogue Living Sep/Oct 11, page 25 and 26).

Please do yourself a favour and visit the Studio Formafantasma website, it is an inspiration. Not only are the products evolutionary organic but they beautifully designed and styled, with a strong Japanese minimalistic look and feel throughout. These are breathtakingly beautiful products and images. Bravo Studio Formafantasma.

Coffee Table, Botanica Exhibition.
Studio Formafantasma
All the goodness the Swartland has to offer.
Make your way to Hyde Park Johannesburg today for the final day of the second Food Wine Design Fair 25 - 27November 2011. The design is fine, the food is divine, the wine sublime and people awesome. Situated in a long tent on the roof-top of the shopping complex, the quirky dining tables placed down the center of the space and the products of the finest jewelers, craftspeople, winemakers and top chefs are situated on either side. The displays of furniture, ceramics, Art on paper and all things edible heightens the senses, contributing to a fabulous atmosphere. I loved the flower croquettes from the BarBarBlackSheep Restaurant. They are based in Riebeek Kasteel – 60 min drive from Cape Town on the N7. Absolutely delicious. Scaled down from last year’s fair, the reduction in craft exhibits are disappointing, but does not in anyway impact on the fantastic and fabulous food wine and design event. It needs your support as it is truly local, green and clean – what more could you ask for.

I went for a few hours in the afternoon and stayed almost the entire evening. Loved it.

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