Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's in a name.

Artists notes - thoughts on surface development options.

I was researching appropriate surface development options for my next sculpture A Ceramic Tableau titled Trojan Horse (post entry below 26/02/09). As the horse was a present, in this case its will be a precious gift associated with our new found freedom, I considered important events associated with gifts. The obvious being Christmas, Valentines Day and for the purpose of this particular work I thought a stork party gift would be appropriate - two sculptures; one blue titled,
It's a Boy and one pink, It's a Girl with appropriate images (ceramic decals) to suite the occasion. Obviously there is going to be a twist (lurking within the belly of the dark horse) - because we can never be sure as to what choices they will make in their lives with regard to sexual preferences etc.

During my research I came across a catalogue promoting new publications. One in particular caught my attention, a book titled Art, Sex and Eugenics
. Needless to say I became very excited because of the link between my name and Eugenics. My colleague John Shirley, suggested I look up the meaning of my name on the internet, which in Greek means "well born" (see image above for more information - insert). This sparked a very intense investigation into eugenics and I discovered tons of material for the development of the new works; in support of the mentioned theme. Eugenics has everything to do with eliminating bad genes in the quest to breed better humans (Nazism and the Aryan Race; a perfect example - 1000s were castrated to eliminate bad genes). Is it about nature or nurture - is it ultimately the way we are born and or what happens along the way.

A recently published book (can be downloaded for free) titled Future Human Evolution (Eugenics in the Twenty -First Century) written by John Glad highlights contemporary thought in this regard (in particular page 37) it will in all probability be possible to eliminate particular genes; especially those associated with certain diseases. If however it can be proved that being gay is in your genes, then as reflected in the document, lumped with a list of diseases, it too will be eliminated.
Could this be the end of homosexuals in our society or would mothers choose to have a gay son because of the endearing qualities they possess. How many gays (once gays are fully integrated into society with equal rights etc), if given second chance at life on earth, notwithstanding the problems of coming out of the closet of course, would be happy to return as homosexuals - the life lived. These are interesting times with many great challenges; and it its all in my name.

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