Friday, May 29, 2009

Gilding the weapon; Lustre application.

Lustre application to the Rats.
The final touches to the pairs of rats. Applying gold and silver lustre to the weapon like over sized tails of the the apposing rats. Clothed in their respective symbolic floral outfits while branding their tattooed insignia; they will embody the conflicting views of respective groupings in the plaque of intolerance prevalent in our society today. More of the symbolism, the expressive function and references once the pieces are completed and professionally photographed.


Anonymous said...

i totally dig the layers of meaning that these little buggers evoke, on the one hand evoking my grandma's geegaws sitting on the mantle but turning it a bit askew as it is a rat after all, but still precious plus the weapon analogy and still i have to say that there is something quite beautiful about them too.

Eugene Hon said...

They are cool to work with - always lurcking in the back ground in the kitchen amongst the pots and pans. I love decorating and to add meaning in this way. I always use the ornamental quality inherent in ceramics to lure the viewer ever closer (tactile qualities) before before the truth is revealed.