Sunday, June 7, 2009

Anubis like dog: Visual Reference for the Rats

Untitled, Anubis like dog. Press-moulded and burnished, terracotta clay sculpture. Collection; Carl Landsberg. Size; 1000mm in length.

During my research into the form and shape of the rats, I visited a dear friend of mine, CarlLandsberg. He has an extensive collection of ceramics, including works of art by leading South African artists. His passion for collecting ceramics started approximately in1988. He also has the most inclusive collection of my work, owning at least one to two works from every exhibition I held since graduating in 1986. His collection includes some of my most recognised works, including the dog photographed above and below in this blog posting. The work was part of a two person exhibition; the body of work consisted of animated dogs in various stances and configurations - an extension of a concept explored earlier. Anubis like smoke fired wild dogs, perched on pedestals, encircling the installation of cars and political figures showcased on an earlier blog entry (February 14, 2009). The exhibition was held at the famous Market Theatre Gallery (Newtown Johannesburg) in 1989. In developing the forms and shapes of the rats, I was able to draw inspiration from the porcelain mice in Carl's Collection (images captured below), but more importantly, call on experience gained in drawing, modeling, moulding and press moulding the dogs; my favourite featured here.

Front view of dog, Burnished Terracotta clay. Collection; Carl Landsberg.

Backside view of dog. Burnished Terracotta clay. Collection; Carl Landsberg.

Top View of dog. Burnished terracotta clay. Collection; Carl Landsberg.

Lidded Mouse Bowl (Fraureuth), Porcelain Container. Collection Carl Landsberg..

Rat on a pedestal ashtray (Hutschenreuther). Porcelain with gold lustre, Collection Carl Landsberg.

Rat on a pedestal (Hutschenreuther), Porcelain with gold lustre. Collection; Carl Landsberg.


Anonymous said...

wow, that dog is huge... and no eyes, strange juxtaposition of comic and frightening... i'm confused if you did the mice pieces too or not but regardless i love the lidded mouse bowl.

Eugene Hon said...

Thanks, the rats were manufactured by the factories mentioned in the captions - highlighted to take you their sites.

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