Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ceramic Competition; Win a pair of Crafty Rats.

A Formal Portrait, John Nowers. Earthenware, Collection Iziko Gallery, South Africa National Gallery, Cape Town (copyright with the Gallery). I though it fitting to post one of my lecturer's works - as he introduced me to ceramics.

Birthday Present - Prize for a lucky follower of this blog.

My blog is one year old and I have decided to give away a prize, a birthday present. The prize is a ceramic statement titled a pair of Crafty Rats (image below). Who qualifies / are eligible for the prize – entries must be a follower of the blog? Submit a rating for the blog (follow the link) and answer a simple question (the answer which is imbedded in the text of one of the blog post entries. The first correct entry that meets all the requirements wins the prize.

Award Winning Prize (Clay pot Award at Ceramics SA Regional), Pair of Crafty Rats,

Blog statistics.

The blog has reached a mile stone of 12000 hits, that's about 67 hits per day. The number of page views stand at 22, 245, a 108 per day. Not bad for a blog that focuses mainly on the development of ceramic statements. This is no ordinary blog fulfilling a different function and need. I trust that you as followers have benefited from my shared knowledge; skills and techniques and processes. Thanks for your input and support, especially John Shirley without whom this blog would not have been possible. Then also to Jim Gottuso who always posts insightful comments, thank you guys.

Competition Criteria:

  1. Be a Follower (join now).
  2. Rate the blog.
  3. Answer the following question, "What is the title of my Ceramic Sculpture that refers to the American policy on gays serving in the army, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell"?

A visual clue for the competition question.

Competition Details and requirements.

  • The prize is a pair of Crafty Rats (image above).
  • Entries have to be in by the Sunday 28 of February 2010.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Entries are entered as comments on the post - to be published after the winner is announced.
  • An out of town winner will have to pay the transport/shipping and if required insurance costs.
  • A member of Ceramics SA Management Committee will act as the adjudicator – his/her word is final and no discussion will be entered into.


Eugene Hon said...

I have tested leaving a comment as well as following the link (to rate the blog) and had no problems at all.
Keep on trying - the competition's closing date is only the 28 February. Best of luck

Carl said...

I particularly like the articulated design of the rats which allows for endless permutations of form and expression and a "nightmarish" proliferation of these rather wonderful and ironically titled "craft" objects. They are supremely cunning in terms of design and concept and execution.