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Mosaics most Beautiful, Two Inspirational Projects.

The Wall of Expression, a craft intervention project in KaiKai Housing Estate, at Port Noloth, North Western Cape. Image Elle Decoration, Spring Edition No 65, Article Discover the most beautiful wall in the world.

The Wall of Expression, KaiKai Housing Estate, at Port Nolloth, North Western Cape. Image website Kaikai Housing estate. Subscribe to Elle Decoration for an extensive article on the project, see Spring Edition No 65.

Ambitious projects incorporating Mosaics at its best.

Two projects deserve mention on my blog. They both showcase mosaics at its best. Done to perfection and on a grand scale, having a serious impact on the cultural scene of both locations. The first project is on the west coast, while the other is inland on the East Coast of the country (South Africa). Both driven by two men obsessed with their visions and determined to see it through to the very end. The first project, the Wall of Expression, (KaiKai Housing Estate) Port Nolloth, is of particular interest to me, as I have in a small way contributed to the development of the project, assisting Jimmy du Toit, as creative consultant. The second Project, Lodge Amm is of interest, because nearly 11 years ago Peter Amm shared with me his dream to build a structure to house his African Craft collection. Very shortly this project, showcased below, will open its doors to local and international tourists. Although very different in style, both projects utilise ceramic tiles in a creative and exciting way, inspiring others out there with a creative vision that seems to be too outrageous.

Port Nolloth's Art and Craft's Community Intervention project gains national recognition in two magazines. Above is the title page for the article in Elle Decoration, issue no 65. Visit their site, to subscribe and follow the success of the project.

Project One.
The arid landscape and particular climate, called for a serious creative intervention. Situated on route to Namibia, the Richtersveldt and Namaqualand, home of the world renowned spring flower spectacular, it is perfectly positioned for a product that will draw attention to this rather remote part of the country. The town is being transformed by the local community's involvement in a timeless arts and crafts outreach project, that is both uplifting and adding colour, in more ways than one. The success of the project, bares testimony to one man and his family's dream, and the will of the local community to embrace his passion, commitment, perfection and determination, to see the project through until the end. This endeavour established a culture of arts and crafts, so rooted in the belief of the local community, that it seems to have been there forever. Kaikai Concept - visit the website.

A Site specific Art work with the show house in the distance - Kai Kai Housing Estate in Port Nolloth.
Images from Visi issue number 46, local decor, design & architecture Magazine. Subscribe to gain access to the extensive article and more images of the show house.

Visit the KaiKai Website for their Architectural vision including more images of the show house.

The site specific art work (image above) is not a permanent structure as yet, the scale is also misleading, but very impressive. These are mosaic covered bricks, dug into the sand to provide a spectacular creative intervention in the water. It makes for very interesting viewing as the waves break over the structure.

Show House, Images from Visi, local decor, design & architecture Magazine. with locally designed and manufactured bookshelves and furniture. Even the carpet takes inspiration from one of the wall murals. The idea is to provide the local community with clients, right on their doorstep - those purchasing property in the Kai Kai estate.

The Kitchen. Image from Visi, local decor, design & architecture Magazine.

Rocks and sea view, Port Nolloth. Image take on a trip to the town in 2008.

Indigenous succulents.
Succulents such as these, make the North Western Cape, especially Port Nolloth and surrounding areas one of the most spectacular areas to visit. For more information about botanical (indigenous local flora) expeditions visit the Kaikai Website.

Lodge Peter Amm, Kloof, KwaZulu Natal South Africa. The images above and below, provide views of the major spine of the building (towards the entrance), 20 pillars adorned with mosaics, covered with plastic to protect the artworks. The vastness of the space and scale of it is unbelievable.

The grand corridor of 20 pillars -towards the entrance of the Lodge, - quite spectacular.

2nd Project; Peter Amm's Lodge in Kloof - A dream in its final phase of being realised.

The second project is very different. Eleven years in the making, and on completion, it will be something to behold. Should you be able to afford a weekend stay, in one of the 10 executive rooms, it will be an experience never to forget. The executive resort will be launched early this year, a major marketing and communication affair. The setting is just incredible, perched high up on the ridge, situated next to a game reserve, it provides a 360 visual experience of one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The location in itself is something special and Peter Amm had the insight, at a very young age, to purchase the property and realise a lifelong dream to build a structure to house his collection of African Artefacts - now it will provide guests access to a piece of paradise (Visit my blog entry titled, Paradise and see the Gardens of Peter Amm's splendid home - 25 hectares of pure beauty). But it is the structure, and the use of ceramic mosaics and artefacts that will adorn the walls and pillars of this spectacular Lodge, that will make this one of the most unique places to visit and to experience.

View of the Grand entrance. Once the plants have grown, the entire structure will come to life and merge with its environment to create an harmonious whole, as if its been there for ages.

Architect and Horticulturist

Peter Amm is an Architect with a passion for Flora (he is also an Horticulturist). The entire entrance and landscaping incorporates water features, that will ensure that the plants grow and integrate the structure into its surroundings. A creative feast; the solving of architectural details must have been a nightmare for the construction company. Peter Amm has always had an interest in blending old window frames and doors and artefacts with the new. This has become his style and every artefact that will adorn the walls and rooms, a vast collection of note, has been transformed and shaped by his own hand, to ensure the lodge has an indigenous feel. Most of the rare pieces will be set up in a museum at the entrance.

View of the Kloof gorge, taken from the balcony of one of 10 executive rooms.

The roof structure - reminiscent of the scales of a gecko and or lizard.


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