Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pope washes feet of "Gay" Irish Priests (letter to Irish Faithful).

Honour thy Father and Mother (Pastoral Care), Light Switch for a Christian Home. Designer unknown. Must have been a naive Christian designer. Sex is a sin - bad thoughts are taboo. The sexual connotation is in the eye of the beholder.Pope Benedict XVI's letter to the Catholic faithful; makes a plea to all closeted gay Catholic Priests to come clean (face up to justice), to declare their status as an act of repentance, healing and renewal.?!

Catholic Church repents of Concessive Concealment - is it enough?
The churches concealment - code of silence ensured the abuse continued. The practical effect of this code of silence has been to allow the priestly abusers to become serial rapists, as they have been shipped off from one assignment to another. Daily Beast, Blogs and stories, James Carroll
It is ironic that the gays are refused communion in the Catholic Church (homosexual activity is sinful), whilst the child abusing, paedophiles, again in the spotlight Catholic Priests, suppose to be celibate, have received and administered communion for years. They did so whilst abusing little boys and girls. The Catholic Church continue to conceal their sexual acts and deny their priest's sexual orientation. They are not permitted to be sexually active, I suppose they therefore can’t be gay. It has been convenient for them all these years, to be celibate in the first place, to conceal their status as closeted homosexuals and lesbians (nuns). No they are not homosexuals, nor should they be treated as paedophiles (criminals). They are untouchable, Gods chosen people, supported by Gods love within Gods sanctuary. What is their sexual orientation, Pope Benedict, are they not homosexuals to?. Do they not desire sex with their own kind, is it not true that their sexual fantasies goes much further, it also includes the seduction of little boys (a very serious crime)?.
They should come clean, accept the fact that they to are homosexuals, come out of the closet, declare themselves gay, be listed as child offenders, and support the gays rights to Holy Communion and their rightful place in society – as an act to redeem themselves. It is time that the Catholic Church admits that their priests are sexual beings, that they are sexually active and that the policy on celibacy should be scrapped – maybe then they wont abuse little boys and girls, suppose to be protected by god’s people in god’s house. This is an abomination Pope Benedict. Instead these Priests, yes they are criminals (paedophiles), are protected by the Catholic Church, and permitted full rights within the Catholic Church, a position god loving homosexuals are denied. Yes the Catholic Church has provided them sanctuary, whilst their gay god loving Christian brothers are denied communion and support. By the way, gays are not paedophiles Pope Benedict. We love sex with our own kind, but we are not paedophiles. One wonders whether the Irish Paedophile Priests had confessed to these acts, before receiving communion, and administered the body and blood of Christ to their congregations. If so, then the Pope and his clergy should please explain why they were permitted to administer and continue to receive communion, whilst god loving and fearing gays are constantly refused to partake.

Act of defiance; protest over the Catholic church policy of refusing communion to homosexuals. The Star, Monday, 11 March 2010.

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Anonymous said...

i abhor the catholic church! they are by far the worst scourge of this earth. i've been pissed about this controversy for years and every time a new chapter is written i get angrier. if you haven't seen it yet, rent "deliver us from evil". it is a documentary about the scandal and whatever anyone thinks about how bad this whole thing is, it's much worse. first off, rome's imposition of the celibacy policy was spawned by their greed because they didn't want a priest's possessions to be left to his spouse were he to die first. his inability to have a spouse guarantees that the estate will go to the church after he dies so this will probably never change. as it turns out the vatican put someone in charge of dealing with the sex scandal several years ago and during that tenure, it escalated to the worst sex scandal in human history. many would be surprised to find out that the individual who was at the wheel during this fine display of concealment and obfuscation was none other than the current pope. yes, benedict was rewarded for his good work. i'm constantly incredulous about the many catholics i actually know who are unwilling to acknowledge that their tithe is paying for the legal defense of child molesters and their inability to recognize a difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. it's truly mind-boggling. i understand that gays want communion insomuch as it represents society's inclusion but aside from that, i have no idea why anyone on earth would want to be part of this organization. i have a female inlaw that's wanted to be a priest her whole life and they won't let women be priests and she has a massive chip on her shoulder about this. i keep going back to the old argument about why would an individual want to be included in an organization that hates the group that the individual is part of. religion is the bane of human existence. ok, sorry about the ranting eugene.