Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter - no place like hell.

Early manuscript depicting hell.

Ever heard or seen the words on a placard turn or burn, and your stomach turned. Then you should find the following story enlightening.

No Place like Hell – an Alternative Easter message.
A man had two sons; he raised them with the intent that they should love and adore him, and to follow his example all the days of their lives. In lieu of their admiration, affection and unconditional love, they would inherit his estate, in all its comfort and glory.
The one son adored his father, loved him with all his heart, mind and soul and did his father proud (the apple of his eye). The other son however was more adventurous, seeking to follow his own desires, which in many ways termed him a rebel – he perceived his father to be too demanding, too protective and over zealous. He did not hate his father, but chose not to reciprocate his father’s love in quite the same way, as his brother.did. The father felt rejected, enraged, he demanded the son’s unconditional love and expressed his anger in emphatic fashion and laid down the gauntlet. The ultimatum was to surrender to his love and expressed will, or he would face the consequences.
Life continued as usual, and after many, many years of begging and relentless demands for his rebellious son’s love, he finally intervened and poured out his vengeance on his ungrateful son. He locked him up in the basement of his mansion, and started his relentless persecution and torture.
It would remain that way for the rest of their lives. The father reflected on what he had done and said “behold, it was very good – suitable, pleasant – and he approved it completely”. The one son pleased him, served and loved him and deserved his just reward, the father’s entire estate in all its glory. The second son, well he had met his fate – he will stay where he is, to be tormented forever, because he chose not to love his father. He was given every opportunity to express his love and affection, but he chose not to – he got what he deserved. Although the son respected his father, he visited him and they often had dinner together, he never honoured his father’s demands of total commitment; all of his time, love and affection. This was not forthcoming and the basement is therefore his destiny, there he will be tortured; forever a reminder of his selfish endeavour; choosing to love himself more than he loved his father. This is an act of defiance, punishable with eternal torment.

I am the God of love and I demand love in return – failure to love me with all your heart, mind and soul is not only ungrateful, but also selfish and you therefore you are doomed to hell – the place of grinding and gnashing of teeth.

Surely Not!
Surely the God of love that sent his son into the world to die on the cross, to save mankind once and for all, could not possibly have had so much hate in his heart, for those who chose not to love him and adore him, that he created a place like hell and condemn them to be tortured in it. Happy Easter!

I cant wait to see people burn in hell!
It is very upsetting to have someone laugh in your face when you are trying to explain to them that if they don't return Christ's love and accept Him as their personal saviour that they are going to be tortured and have all of the flesh burnt off their body every day for all of eternity in a literal lake of fire. Words taken from the website of the Landover Baptist church - follow link above.

Welcome to JesusLand! (Formerly the United States of America): Shocking Tales of Depravity, Sex, and Sin Uncovered by God's Favourite Church, Landover Baptist (Paperback)

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Anonymous said...

hi eugene, been a bit off the grid lately, i like the new look of the blog. as far as hell, only truly evil people could come up with such an infantile and detestable concept. i would have thought that it is too ridiculous to believe but apparently it's not. i absolutely do live in jesusland, no doubt about that.