Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rat Installation with Quick-time copy of animation.

Click on this quick-time inserted copy of the animation that was projected on to the rat installation - to view the carpet sequence documented in the two previous blog posts. Don't worry about the strange colour (consider it mould) and the few seconds it takes before the video starts up, the animation does run smoothly and the colours are sound once it runs. The images had to be rescanned to improve the projection quality: the images scanned from books were not that detailed and or defined enough to see the images clearly. The problem, in laymen's  terms, has nothing to do with the quality of the scanned resolution but rather the setting of the scanner; to ensure it reads the image detail and not the structure of the printed image (made up of dots)

The quick-time video provides insight into the carpet sequence and the animated projected images, whilst the projection on the rats installation is being filmed and edited over the next few weeks. I trust you find it interesting and informative.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is looking delightful.

jim said...

hi eugene, i liked the flaming transition to the Vighnantaka carpet