Saturday, September 4, 2010

New projected animation conceived in ballpoint pen drawings in the form of an Artist Book.

Big Shots, Ballpoint pen drawing.
Contemplating the production of an artist book.
For a while now I have been contemplating creating an artist book. The idea is to capitalize on my unique approach to ballpoint pen drawings. My critics have always been complimentary of my drawings. Some mentioned that the ceramic sculptures are too methodical in their construction and therefore 'bled of all passion' (Cruise, 1996). 
Inner sleeve and title page design
In December I visited my friend Hylton Nel, the renowned South African Ceramist. He stated that I should consider focussing on producing Artist Books. He suggested that I relaunch my career as an artist, focussing on this exciting and creative output option. I am however in the process of creating a new video for projection onto the rat installation. The projection is based on one of the bully series of ballpoint pen drawings, titled Big Shots (featured above). Follow the link provided to gain insight into related works and reference material; blog post titled BIG SHOTS RAW WAR WOE MAN - A failure of masculinity. The work is to be featured at the Ceramics Southern Africa regional exhibition to be opened next weekend - the title of the final work will be Woe man.  The idea of animating some of my drawings is equally exciting - the response to the projection had been very positive. 
Brainstorming ideas and text.
Artists Books
I have read extensively on the subject of artist's books during our winter recess - in between watching  the recent soccer/football world cup matches. I will shed more light on the subject of Artist's Books in a future blog entry - for an introduction into understanding the complexity of the product look no further than the written work by Johanna Drucker.
Big-shot creating a storm.
Big-shot firing
Whilst shopping recently I came across and purchased two small bound sketch books, produced by Daler-Rowney (A5-150 grams acid free cartridge paper) that served as another stimulus to pursue the idea. The final creative inspiration came in response to an exhibition of artists books in the FADA gallery three weeks ago. David Patton the previous head of Department for Visual Arts (FADA) has written a number of papers and a catalogue on the subject and curated a comprehensive exhibition on this complex creative output (a few years ago). 
The gang
For the purpose of this blog post, I thought it necessary to showcase the development of the idea; the creative endeavour would have a dual purpose;  the creative concept and directive for the animation (visual reference for the motion graphic artists) and an initial prototype exploring my own creative parameters for  the idea/concept of an artist book. 
Firing away mindlessly

The standoff
The images posted here do not include text, I am in the process of incorporating the text and reviewing the layout and construction of the final product - An Artist Book also to be titled  Woe-man. The concept behind the work will be explicated once the animation is posted together with photographs of the projected installation.
Crime in SA is sublimated civil war

Three different creative outputs; a projected installation, artist book and video.
The fact that I will have three different creative outputs exploring the same creative theme is interesting from a R&D perspective, seen in the context of specifically practice-led research. 
Suffering abuse
By the end of the project I hope to have the rat installation with the projection of the animated drawing sequence. A video of the projected installation will be filmed and edited and available in an edition of five - ten. I also hope to complete the artist book, complete with text; also available in a limited edition. 
The spirit of a wounded nation flows away with its blood
The specific product outcomes will appeal to hopefully a different set of viewer and a review of the final products would assist me in my creative output - working towards a one person exhibition and a new direction for me as an artist, ceramic artist and or ceramic sculptor. 
Disillusionment and despair


Unknown said...

Really incredible work.

jim said...

what a stellar idea eugene. love those drawings, i love all the drawings, especially "The spirit of a wounded nation flows away with its blood", the stylized blood is beautifully rendered. i'm curious about what you'd use to do this project. i recently saw carole epp did a post about using the book making thing that comes with a Mac... This would be the only affordable way for me to do anything like that. but anyway, i think your drawings are great and will be very conducive to this kind of project. can't wait to see how things progress