Monday, October 18, 2010

Ballpoint pen drawings; Ceramic Installation titled, and the ship sails on.

Ballpoint pen drawings of water. For the reference see the water on the 
'Dragon' Moonflask, the last image below.
I have started the conceptual drawings for my next ceramic installation titled And the ship sails on (with reference to the  Federico Fellini Film). The installation will consist of two ceramic components, individually sculpted pieces to be modelled, moulded and multiples to be slip cast to form the installation. 
The first ceramic component represents the nation portrayed as a decoy-duck female figure, whose body is shaped like a bomb, a symbol of traditionalism and extreme forms of nationalism the world over (fundamentalism). She is in a sleeping position, lying dormant, ready to unleash her instinctive motherly protection on who ever disturbs the status-quo. Although she is portrayed as the hunted (victim/vulnerable) her true colours are revealed and she transforms into a kamikaze torpedo when challenged. 
A decoy under-guise of utopia; in her Trojan belly lurks every form of bully - the epitome of dystopia. The preparatory ballpoint pen drawings on the left were done during a three month residency at the Cite in Paris France (1991). The final image (below) was drawn in blue ink on white paper and incorporated into a composite image of ballpoint pen drawings; a digital print on acid paper - the work titled The long road to paradise.
The second ceramic component is  symbolic of a very special mountain - for some it will represent spiritual enlightenment and freedom. It also represents the land (various continents and countries), the earth beneath our feet, which has everything do do with our roots and identity. 
In developing the form for the second ceramic component, the major reference has been the Three Sisters 'Koppies' in the Karoo (image on the left). It reminds me of my annual journey down to the Cape for the summer recess - a drive through the Karoo to Parow my birthplace (my family home). The journey there and back is 1400 km one way, the Karoo being semi-desert means there is not much to look at. Therefore my time spent on the road  has always been an opportunity to reflect on issues affecting my life and contemplate conceptual aspects associated with my work.

The design development of the mountain took a different direction with the discovery of brushrests. The need to develop a composite ceramic image incorporating the mountain, led to an investigation into suitable ceramic products. The group of four brushrests on the left are from the Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Period. The small drawing in the middle (also referenced) is of a sculpture made earlier, titled  .... and incorporates one of the koppies of the Three Sisters mentioned above.

The final ballpoint pen drawing of the second ceramic component incorporates images of proteas, our national flower,  and is also the national symbol of South African sports (image above).
The drawing above depicts the envisaged composition of the ceramic installation incorporating both ceramic components; the decoy-duck figure and the mountain. This time round the ceramic components will have more space between them, the base forming a screen for the projection, acting as the surface of the sea (water between the ceramic components). 
The animation to be projected onto the ceramic installation will consist of drawings depicting water (Title image at the very top of the post), flowers and an animated version of the dragon, inspired by the images in the Moonflask enclosed below and above.
A fine and rare blue and white 'Dragon' moonflask
Seal mark and period of Qianlong.


Alan said...

This is what sets you apart as an artist. We are allowed to follow the step by step metamorphosis of the original symbols into final product. Gracie Senhor

jovile said...

very nice works and drawings, i like them a lot.