Saturday, October 30, 2010

Heavenly Dragon Tattoo - God forbid!

A large blue and white 'dragon' basin.
mark and period Guangxu.
I thought it fitting to shed more light on the Heavely Dragon to feature in my projected animation onto my latest ceramic installation titled, and the ship sails on (see two previous posts and also the image above). This was necessary, especially after the enclosed article appeared in our local newspaper, The Star, on Tuesday 26 October.

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Ever thought of getting a heavenly dragon tattooed on your back, think twice, especially if you trust a friend to do the honour. Tattooing the Chinese heritage symbol in all its glory on your back is apparently a favourite all over the world . It is China's most significant spiritual animal as Nike recently discovered; they had to withdraw an advertisement that incorporated the slaying of a five clawed dragon - a national heritage symbol of strength and power. The dragon has power over the rain, the wind and water. The heavenly dragon, unlike its European counterpart, is therefore not an evil creature. It promotes good luck as well as warding off evil spirits. There are many forms and shapes of dragons and they all have a different meaning - so beware to carefully research their symbolism, before you choose the dragon that will embrace your back, in all its splendour - in true colour and style (visit the site captured in the image above). More devastating was the experience of an Australian gay guy, whose hopes of his dream image of a Chinese Dragon on his back was shattered, when one of his friends shockingly pointed out that he had indeed experienced an old Russian Prison Tattoo Taboo. 

Instead of a stunning chinese dragon, a 40 cm penis had been tattooed on his back along with a lewd slogan implying he was gay. Your skin is who you are and not your dreams and aspirations, and must reflect your true identity and status in the prison community. Gays, like child molesters, rapers and murderers were despised and were treated as the outcast in Russian prisons. It would seem these views are still harboured in hardened fundamentalists in society today - even amongst our closest and trusted friends. Maybe - to close to comfort !

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jim said...

hi eugene, now i've heard everything... it's a sad story and in my state the politicians (election day this tuesday) are pandering to those fundamentalist that you speak of. anyway the drawings and prototype construction are really beautiful. your project reminds me of an interview i heard the other day on the radio. the author being interviewed had just published a book about eels and said that in some island cultures (he mentioned borneo) where there were no native snakes that the eel had the mythic position of the snake and that, i think it was in borneo, the eel was the most sacred animal in their mythology. another amazing fact was that certain eels spawn in the middle of the ocean and migrate up fresh water rivers to live their adult lives for many years before returning to the sea. love the drawings and the concept