Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ballpoint pen drawings of Peony sprays; pattern options.

More peony sprays, pattern options. Ballpoint pen drawings.

Ballpoint pen drawings
 of peony sprays original.
This blog post is an extension of the previous entry, showcasing more drawings for the animators to work with. It reveals further colour options for the peony sprays in a variety of patterns. As stated the peony decoration will be projected on the decoy ducks and refers metaphorically to positive change brought about by the advances of the five clawed dragon. For details refer to the previous blog entry. I still need to do a yellow and maybe an orange peony. It is envisaged that the installation with projection will take the form of a cycle; from a clean bright white installation, moving into blue and white decoration followed by a wide range of colour, the peony sprays showcased here, and finally darkness, the shadow cast by the dragon. Before the cycle repeats itself. 
More ballpoint pen drawings of peony sprays (original on the right)
The dragon will move in the water amongst the decoy ducks as captured in the image below. The drawing and photo montage is not completed yet. The water as well as the decoy ducks require detail and surface decoration to set the scene for the next stage in the design development. All these drawings are being captured in a book for next week's discussion with the animators to address a number of critical factors. They include the size of the installation, the number of products and their individual sizes. This will be determined by the size of the projected ceramic decoration - surface development options. The peony sprays needs to be big enough to have the desired impact. The dragon will not be a drawn but a scanned image of the actual five-clawed dragon, as captured below. Everything else will be drawn and animated in the projection. 

In other words the ceramic installation  will consist of undecorated high fired ceramic sculptures of decoy ducks and mountains. The decoration will all be projected and animated. 

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jim said...

hi eugene,
i admire your attention to detail and how well prepared you will be for the animators. not sure if i mentioned it on my blog before but my friend and my first business out of college was a computer graphics animation company. from the many stories of clients and what they wanted and how they slowly whittled the creativity out of every project, there was no one ever that came prepared. they probably think that you are an absolute joy to work with (as you most likely are). i'm looking forward to seeing the ducks and the mountains.