Monday, March 7, 2011

Ballpoint pen drawings of peony and foliage.

Ballpoint pen drawing of peony and foliage.
The next stage of the animated projection will feature the five clawed dragon moving through the water displaying his power over the elements, ensuring growth, the much anticipated changes of spring and summer seasons, as reflected in the luxuriant flowers and foliage. 
As mentioned in a previous blog post, the dragon is China's most significant spiritual animal as Nike recently discovered; they had to withdraw an advertisement that incorporated the slaying of a five clawed dragon - a national heritage symbol of strength and power. The dragon has power over the rain, the wind and water. The heavenly dragon, unlike its European counterpart, is therefore not an evil creature. It promotes good luck as well as warding off evil spirits. 
Pattern options explored for animation purposes.
The five clawed dragon advances effortlessly through the water with scorn and contempt at matters inhumane. Spurned on by his own volition to rid the world of evil, he stretches forth his claws in every direction as he brings forth change (power over the elements). The change will be reflected in the projected surface decoration on the decoy ducks and mountains (inspired by Chinese brush rests) shown in previous posts. The decoration will change from blue and white into full colour. 
An extremely rare 'Famille-Rose' Monteith.
Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period.
cited in Sothebys catalogue. London 7 november 2007.
This is represented in the flame like growth of the foliage in spring and finally the full blown peony sprays in summer inspired by the ceramic decoration of the ceramic vessel above and its interior shown below. The dragon represents those individuals whom against all odds, followed their own conviction, and brought change within society. Bringing joy and freedom in all its glory and splendour, much appreciated by those in favour of and open and free society. 
Interior vessel above (detail).

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jim said...

hi eugene,
lovely peony drawing with the flame-like foliage. my grandma had peonies all down the side of our house growing up and i've always had a soft spot. i was not aware of the significance to the chinese. i had seen them used in japanese family crests and are apparently "the king of flowers"