Friday, February 24, 2012

Hon's Solo Exhibition @ Elegance - celebrating the year of the dragon.

Hön's cufflinks CAD renderings by Tyron Hulley,
a 3rd year UJ Jewellery student.

My solo exhibition is one month away (date to be announced soon). The exhibition will consist of a range of products including, ceramics, jewellery, framed drawings, the artist’s original drawing book, together with a limited edition of artist’s books; copies of the artist’s drawing book. 
The books consists of all the ballpoint pen drawings, reference material leading to the concept development of the art work. Also included are drawings for the actual projected animation including the renderings of the design and development of the jewellery pieces - some of which are featured here. CAD renderings of the cufflinks, rendered by one of the UJ 3rd year Jewellery students, Tyron Hulley (images above and below). The limited edition of artist’s books is leather bound and embossed with the artist’s logo, complete with gold foiling (image above).
Hön's cufflinks - perspective view.
CAD rendering by Tyron Hulley.

The exhibition will feature the launch of a video of the ceramic installation with projected animation titled, and the ship sails on – exhibited at last Years FADA Staff exhibition titled collaborations/articulations curated by Brenden Gray. Filmed by Hannes Botha, the actual footage of the installation, shot from a variety of angles are being edited by Mocke J Van Veuren. Also exhibited will be large framed signed prints on acid free paper - stills of the ceramic installation with projected animation (seen above), photographed by Jan Potgieter – the UJ photographer.  

The exhibition coincides with the Chinese Year of the Dragon (follow link to post defining its significance). Central to the ceramic installation with projected animation is the five-clawed dragon; it also features in the drawings, the jewellery pieces and prints on acid free paper.

The ceramics are slip-cast pieces guilded in silver, copper and brass. The guilded decoy ducks will blend in well with the exhibition venue and space; in amongst the jewellery at Elegance, the Jewellery store featured below. 
Also on show will be the artist’s selection of ballpoint pen drawings, preparatory drawings for the animation; scanned copies of the originals (limited editions), printed on acid-free paper. They were selected from the artist’s sketchbook, consisting of 84 pages of thinking through drawing. Leather bound (blue) with the artist’s logo embossed on the cover. The drawings took a year to complete; they are rendered in a Big ballpoint pen and also features the conceptual and design development of the jewellery pieces to be shown at the exhibition.

The exhibition venue is on the 1st floor of Elegance, an upmarket Jewellery store in Melrose Arch – opposite Europa. A sophisticated interior, beautifully styled with numerous glass cases – perfect for the products to be displayed. Small LCD lights situated in the corners of the display units will ensure the products are well lit, beautifully displayed to maximum effect, whilst ensuring the displays are safe and secure during the exhibition run.

Exhibition space, 1st floor of Elegance Jewellery Store

Elegance jewelers offered me the space to showcase my ceramic installation with the projected animation featuring the Chinese five-clawed dragon; celebrating the Chinese New Year – the year of the dragon.  It is not possible to install the installation, due to the height of the celling on the first floor. However the exhibition is an extension of the original artwork; by-products derived at from an applied design approach of the overall concept and preparatory drawings. An all-embracing creative endeavor to celebrate the year of the dragon.

Hön's cufflinks - top view.
CAD rendering by Tyron Hulley
My favourite work on display will be sets of cufflinks, based on the animation featuring the five-clawed dragon. The dragon’s snake like figure, complete with scales of a carb and belly of a clam encircles the ‘flaming pearl’ or ‘dragon ball’, a symbol of ‘rolling thunder’ or the ‘rain-bringer’. It is also considered the pearl of perfection, that is to say wisdom, enlightenment and the spiritual essence of the universe.

Details of the exhibition opening and duration of the exhibition will feature here shortly – watch this space.

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