Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hon's final preparations for his solo exhibition; printing, signing and framing the drawings.

Signing the limited edition of drawings, printed on acid-free paper
at the framers, The Art Room in Parhurst.
I am in the final phase of preparing for the solo exhibition, sixteen days to go. The invitation has been designed, ready to be sent out. The drawings were printed and are at the framers, the ceramic decoy-ducks are being guilded. The artist’s drawing book, printed on acid-free paper and bound in leather, available for sale in a limited edition are being bound, with my logo foiled in gold on the cover. Each book will be beautifully packaged in archival acid-free paper constrcuted boxes. One of which will be auctioned off for a student bursary.
A limited edition drawing printed on acid-free paper.
Artist's drawing book, bound in leather and packaged.

The printer of the limited edition of ballpoint pen drawings on acid-free paper was Amichai Tahor. Lightfarm, his digital production studio, is situated in Clamart House, Richmond in Johannesburg. The drawings will be framed in white mounting board and white frames to best showcase the body of preparatory and final drawings – the majority of which formed the basis for the development of the projected animation. 
preparatory drawings for the decoy-duck
Various combinations of patterns were developed for both the prints of the peonies and the water. A select few showcased here (below). 
One very large drawing of the water is particularly special, the patterns of which form the background for the invitation, to be featured on the blog within the next few days – watch this space. 

The drawings had to be signed in graphite pencil before they could be framed (see title image above). Each had to have a title and numbered to ensure authenticity. This was done at the framers, and was a very nervous undertaking to say the least. 
My handwriting is not my best, especially in a digital age. Doing it on the limited edition of digital prints; directly on the expensive German Etching slightly textured paper (310 gsm), made it that much more difficult. Having the support and encouragement of the framers made the experience less traumatic. 
The selected framer was The Art Room, shop 3, no 22, 4th avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesburg.  Follow the gallery / framer on Facebook. 
Interior of Gallery/framer The Art Room
4th Avenue Parkhurst.

I also had to sign the limited edition of digital prints, photographs (stills) of the ceramic installation with projected animation – printed on glossy paper Photographs by UJ Photographer - Jan Potgieter. Signing these were a nightmare. I used a permanent marker, which made the going even tougher. They are being framed in in black mounts and frames in sharp contrast to the ballpoint pen drawings (white mounts and frames). 


Wyn Vogel said...

Eugene - the book looks amazing as it lays there in the printers studio - and your work is certainly ready for the public to see!!

Congrats and here's to the best exhibition opening!! Wow!Fantastic work.

Anonymous said...

Eugene. This is so beautiful I am so proud of you