Sunday, May 2, 2010

For with you is the Fountain of Life

For with you is the Fountain of Life(front view), 640 X 500 X 360 mm Collection and copyright with the photographer Jac De Villiers.

Press-moulded and hand built extensions with red and white stoneware clay, and bisquit-fired to 900 degrees Celsius. Airbrushed and painted with under glaze colours. The 'clouds' were painted with various under glaze colours and scratched to reveal the various layers beneath.. Fired to 900 degrees Celsius. Areas were wax-resisted and glazed in a transparent earthenware glaze (sprayed). Fired to 1060 degrees Celsius. Painted with over glaze colours and lustres and fired to 720 degrees Celsius. The 'table-cloth' was painted in a acrylic.

From the front this sculpture depicts the face of Jehovah the law-giver and enforcer. The body and head are predominantly blue, and this together with the stars and the clouds, are indicative of the concept of God's transcendence and infinity. Symmetrically on either side of the magic head of Jehovah are forms evocative of the sweetness inside the strength of Jehovah. Inside the central block is depicted a fountain from which the River of Life gushes forth, pouring in rivulets down a series of curved steps that lead up to the throne of Jehovah.

For with you is the Fountain of Life. (back view).

From the back the sculpture represents 'Jehovah Jireh' God the provider. The all seeing eyes of God survey mankind from behind reliefs depicting the quadromorph - the four symbols of the evangelists. The eagles claw represents St. John; the lion's paw represents St. Mark; the calf's hoof represents St Luke; and the human hand, the angel of St. Matthew. The symbols appear from behind a form representing the rays of the rising ' Sun of Righteousness ' which is an allusion to the 'son of Righteousness', God become man - Jesus Christ.

The form of the sun paradoxically represents a recess symbolising the tomb, from which the 'Son of righteousness' rose on the third day.

Before the sun and the tomb is set a table bearing a plate on which is placed the Fruit of Eternal Life.

Portrait of the artist (1985) with the sculpture in studio of the photographer Jac De Villier

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