Monday, May 17, 2010

Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider (1985) 500 X 490 X 250 mm, collection Carl Landsberg. Photograph Jac De Villiers

This piece marks the beginning of the final series of ceramic sculptures produced for my masters degree program at UCT (graduated in 1986), derived from an investigation of myths pertaining to eschatology, i.e. the science of the four last things; death, judgement, heaven and hell. The sculpture represents and androgynous figure of Hope, which draws together related heroes from the traditions of western European and Mediterranean mythology; Christ the Messiah; Isis, Venus and Mary as the Queen of Heaven; Apollo who slew the serpent, and Bacchus the promote of civilization.

The figure of hope is riding an animal that can swim like a fish, fly like Pegasus, and is striped like a tiger. The fusion of these aspects enables Hope to confront dangerous, elemental forces.

Press- moulded and handbuilt with red and white stoneware clay, and bisquit fired to 900 degrees Celsius. Painted with oxides, stained slips and underglaze colours and fired to 900  degrees Celsius. The 'horse' was wax resisted. Glazed in a transparent earthenware glaze (sprayed). Fired to 1060 degrees C. Painted with coloured lustres and fired to 720 degrees C. 

Series of drawings to refine the final shape and form of the sculpture.


Anonymous said...

hi eugene... lovely piece as always, the drawings are beautiful too. i particularly like the 1st and last one posted. i'm curious about the notation of van gogh for sale at OK harris.

Eugene Hon said...

I made the drawing in Central park New York in 1984(1 month stay in the city), during my three months masters research trip abroad. Two guys came up to me and on close observation of the drawing they determined that I was a ceramist. They proceeded to write down the details of a book they were publishing at the time. Hence the comment.