Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ceramic Installation of Rats.

Studio Shot of the making of the first of three installations. Slip cast and assembled. 14 moulds are being slip cast to create the animated look - six moulds are cast simultaneously to create the carpet effect (submissive rats).

Ceramic installations.
I am in the process of making three installations, the process of which will feature on this blog until they are completed. The one will be titled, I never promised you a rose-garden, the other, A spanner in the works and the third requires further thought. The three concepts for the composite ceramic statements were resolved towards the end of last year. At the moment I am casting and assembling the first two installations, to get a feel for the layout and how the animated rats will be positioned individually, in line with the predetermined shape and form of the ceramic statements. One often has an idea of the layout, but on construction, the actual size and shape requires creative intervention and more importantly reflection; to refine the creative potential of the idea. 

For the conceptual development of the installations ( reference material, initial concepts and and preparatory drawings)  follow the link - label option at the bottom titled Installations Rats.

The work photographed above and below is titled, I never promised you a rose-garden, and takes the shape and form of a carpet. The rats are positioned aligned from both sides, their tails forming the carpet-tassels in weapon like fashion. The majority of rats are in a submissive position whilst their counterparts on both sides raise their animated heads, including their tails, in a confrontational manner.  A stand-off occurs in the centre where the two sides collide, reminiscent of parquet-flooring lifting as they expand caused by flooding. 
There is still allot of work to be done. The animated rats are cast, the body separate from the head.  Joining the head in different parts to the body creates the desired look of stubbornness, aggression and confrontation. There are seven different moulds for the tails, some designed to accommodate the piercing. The raised head and tails are the most aggressive stance. The idea is to cast the carpet with most of the rats being in a submissive position, interspersed in amongst them, will be the aggressors, starting their way from the second row to the back (on both sides) towards the middle, the standoff (pictured above and below). 
The exact formation needs to be fine-tuned - at this stage of developments, a more gradual confrontation is preferred. But that might change as the final animated rats are being cast and assembled and placed in the gaps, visible in the arial view of the installation (first image).  I envisage more rats to be cast with their heads slightly raised, as if they are in the process of joining their counterparts in the standoff' towards the middle of the carpet. The transition from the both ends of the carpet to the middle will therefore be more gradual and visually enticing. 

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jim said...

hi eugene, this sounds like a very exciting and long, involved project. i love the look of so many multiples and wonder if the following two will have as many. i know it won't end up this way but i also like the subtle difference in color (i guess due to some being wetter than others). the side view shot really shows off those dangerous looking tails of the rats with the tails going up. the magic of molds is surely the multiples and i can't help but think of the buried ceramic army of warriors they dug up in china. fun, fun, fun... are you off-site?