Friday, June 11, 2010

Soccer/ Football World Cup Fever.

The Vuvuzela, the deafening sound has been heard for the past few months and is most certainly one of the unique cultural products of the African experience. We have had church bells calling us to worship and the Islamic call to prayers . Now we have the vuvuzela calling us to play - good luck to the refs and the coaches on the pitch. 

The opening concert was amazing - the feeling absolutely great. I love watching sport, especially soccer, the Barclays Premier League in England and of course the UEFA Champions League. Hence the post entry today. Enclosed are a few images, the best I could find on the internet - that symbolizes the creative  energy involved in making this a memorable event. For an incredible African experience of the beautiful game, visit the blog Entry of Tina Van der Walt of the Amen Project (follow the Link) - alternatively follow the link via my blog list.

My two favourite players are Cesc Fabregas (on the right), he plays for Spain and Arsenal, and then there is Messi (Barcelona and Argentina). The player without the shirt is of course the highest paid soccer football player in the world Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal and Real Madrid star). It is going to be just incredible.

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