Saturday, January 31, 2009


Big Shots, (2008). Copies of ballpoint pen drawings, preparatory studies for a ceramic sculpture.

Writer Margie Orford sees contact crime and crimes against women and children as sublimated civil war, writes Sue Grant Marshall, Books Weekend Review, The weekender Saturday - Sunday Jan 24-25 2009.
"In South Africa war ended and the violence started - it's gone into the bodies of women and kids. It's a failure of masculinity. Men just don't know how to behave. "Its such a violent, misogynistic society, so filled with hatred of the feminine, as evidenced in a 13 -year-old girl being stabbed 150 times."

"Orford wants to know what happens when fathers, in a literal and metaphorical sense, rape small girls and then throw them away 'like an old tissue. A little girl is a symbol of hope and regeneration. Such a patriarchal culture has to implode'".
I thought it fitting, in the context of the above listed quotes to showcase some of my old work and more importantly a ballpoint pen drawing for a ceramic sculpture to be titled Big Shots
(all capturing aspects associated with the issues above*). The work took shape in direct response to all the senseless violence in the world ( war & violent crime). The central figure represents society frustrated by the egos of masculine war moguls & warlords.

Umberto Eco in his new book, Turning back the clock, states that "it is as if history, breathless after leaps forward made in the last two millennia, is drawing back into itself, returning to the comfortable splendours of tradition (2008:4).

The Spirit of a wounded nation flows away with it's blood, (1995) Collection of the Johannesburg Art Gallery. Terracotta hand built ceramic sculpture.

The Spirit of a wounded nation flows away with it's blood, Detail (1995).

Night Howler Detail. (1996) Carl Landsberg Collection.

Night Howler (1996) Carl Landsberg Collection. Hand built in porcelain with black under glaze painting.

The Swine, Collection Carl Landsberg, Handbuilt porcelain.

Mother of Prostitutes (1985) Private collection, Press moulded terracotta sculpture. This particular sculpture represents the epitome of greed, lust and power. The main figure is mother earth exploited. The lustful creatures are her offspring. They rape, burn and devour her. The tail is the counterpart of masculine supremacy.

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