Monday, February 28, 2011

and the ship sails on, ballpoint pen drawings for animation.

and the ship sails on, drawing for animation, dragon stage two.
This is the next stage in the development of my ceramic installation with projected animation titled and the ship sails on. Follow the link to see the development of the concept (the idea) and the design directive to inform the animation (click on the title and or label at the end of this post entry). The forms and shapes for the modeling and the moulding of the ceramics sculptures are now completed. Now the modeling begins – transforming the 2-dimensional images into 3-dimensional objects for moulding (making the plaster of Paris moulds). 

Every stage will be documented here on this blog over the next few weeks. At the same time I will meet with the staff of the multimedia department to discuss and develop the animation that will be projected onto the ceramic installation. The ceramic decoration and or surface development, as in the previous installations, will be the animation projected from a projector attached to the ceiling above the ceramic installation. The ceramics will therefore be undecorated high-fired vitrified slip cast products. I am in the process of purchasing the Parian Casting Slip from Valentine Clays in England.
and the ship sails on, drawing for animation, dragon stage three.
The drawings posted here, are the next stage in the development of the animation. It involves a dragon that appears out of the water, and as mentioned before, is a five-clawed Heavenly dragon, the significance and meaning of which featured in a previous blog post (follow link). These drawings are a follow-on of the paper prototype constructions done in October of 2010. (follow link)
The dragon to be animated is taken from a masterfully painted rare blue and white Dragon Moon-flask (seal mark and period of Qianlong), cited in a Sotheby's auction catalogue. The moon-flask was auctioned in 2007 and fetched $ 2.8 million.

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jim said...

lovely drawings eugene, and a beautiful dragon emerges. sofia's taking chinese at her school and they made little dragons. i got on youtube to show her some parade dragons so she's get a sense of scale. i was previously not in the know about the parade dragon (this might only be in new york city) but the magistrates have determined that the climax of the dragon dance at the parade is smoke spewing from the dragon's mouth (to approximate fire breathing) and they have determined this to be a fire hazard so now a person jumps out from underneath (at least that's what is looked like) and shoots a blast of smoke just slightly in front of the dragons mouth. it ruins the effect and not sure why one's a fire hazard and the other's not. can't wait to see the molds