Monday, July 20, 2009

Latest Sgraffito in full colour.

Group of confrontational rats - colour painting and sgraffito (two sets unfired)
Two weeks to go before the opening of the exhibition. Making serious progress. The ideas are coming much faster. What has been a major challenge was to integrate the design on the body of the rats - complimenting the voluptuous forms.The challenge now is to integrate some of the various techniques and processes. Combining the black and white sgraffito with some sections in colour including transfers and lustres if at all possible. What is going to be exciting for the viewers of this exhibition is the diverse range of surfaces developed, all with the same theme. From transfers on a transparent glaze with gold and silver lustre, transfers on vitrified under-glaze colours, to monochromatic black and white sgraffito and some in colour (shown here). I will do an entry showcasing the various techniques up close, to compare the various results.

The Face of Hell. up close (unfired) - detail of painting and sgrafitto.

Pair of confrontational rats, seen from above unfired (in full colour).


Anonymous said...

beautiful confrontational rats... when i first looked, the yellow and red seemed to be glowing, will that effect hold up in the firing or is it the photography? i like the crucifix above the gaping mouth with jagged teeth, how apropos to attach that iconography. two weeks to go, it will be a wonderful exhibition

Eugene Hon said...

In a different way - they have just come our of the kiln and look absolutely great - They should be photographed soon and posted by Monday as I am going away to Cape Town until then. The press release for the Exhibition and images will be posted then; composite images of the rats and surfaces (up close).