Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tattooed rats

Tattooed Rat. Black sgraffito
One month to go before the exhibition and I have mastered the techniques and processes. The exhibition should be interesting, considering the diverse range of surface development options. Here are the latest developments. Now its down to the choice of insignia and symbols, including the pairing and or groupings. Display is very important; to maximise the expressive potential of the body work.

A pair of crafty Rats.
Black, brown and white sgraffito surface development options, based on tattoos as discussed in previous posting.

Tattooed rat, black and brown sgraffito (final result).
My objective has been to create a product that is also craft based; although I do find the final result successful - I am not use to my work being so rooted within ceramic techniques and processes (too crafty). It's growing on me. This is a very different look than the rats decorated with heart shaped transfers, including gold and silver lustered tails - far more in keeping with my earlier work (posted earlier).

A Flesh-ish affair.
A surface test to create a flesh like appearance for the rat, complete with tattoos. The opportunity exists to apply transfers directly on the flesh like surface. An exciting alternative surface option for the exhibition.

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Anonymous said...

love the new rats eugene... i noticed when i enlarged the sgraffito pictures that the particular sgraffito technique mirrors your drawing technique. i also see a great familiarity between the large dog piece that was in a previous post and the flesh colored rat with the tattoos... looking forward to seeing all this stuff come together