Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sgraffito and Painting; latest developments

Sgraffito Surface Quality up close. Fired.

Two pairs of Rats. Sgraffito and painting, Black and white including colour - unfired.

Getting into the swing of things - three weeks to go before the exhibition. I just love decorating and incising. Here are images showcasing the refinement of the sgraffito technique (up close). It was necessary to include painting, especially with the inclusion of symbols. There was not enough differentiation / tension between the symbols and overall texture (in the background).

Pair of rats, Close-up of colour painting and sgraffito - unfired.

Pair of Rats, Close-up of Sgraffito and painting technique (black and white) unfired.

Sgraffito and painting; Black and white close-up (detail).

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Anonymous said...

beautiful rats eugene, i'm particularly taken with the black one with the flaming heart... all that drawing in reverse must be getting easier to get straight in your head... only three weeks, i'm looking forward to pics and hope the show is as well received as it should be.