Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Bully (2006), Digital print on acid free paper, Collections Willem De Jager & Nico Theron.
This image, titled
Bully, is printed digitally on acid free paper consists of scanned ball-point pen drawings I have done. The central image depicts the pope as Minotaur – his apron’s string forming his genitals and a pair of scissors symbolizing circumcision (becoming a child of God). The image on the right is a member of the clergy (bull with condom and
teat) whilst the figure on the left represents Saint Sebastian (depicted as a victim of abuse and aids’ negative association with homosexuality).
This image symbolically portrays the
churches global anti gay stance seen in the context of their passive response to their own clergies’ involvement in paedophilic activities (compounded by their vow to celibacy).

"In open, democratic societies, however, it is impossible to impose, let alone to police, moral systems that are based on traditional principals that are no longer accepted. That's why there is more than an element of farce in the current debate about sex and drugs in our society" Holloway, R. 1999. Godless morality page 106. see booklist for details

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