Friday, January 9, 2009

Government Inspected Meat

This figure is part of a series of Ceramic Sculptures reflecting / commenting on injustice, prejudice and victimization of individuals due to their sexual orientation. This particular work celebrates those gay men who have and do serve in the armed forces (war heroes). In particular it pays homage to the internationally acclaimed war poet Wilfred Owen – hence the tattooed forget-me-nots all over the body. A copy of his famous poem The Parable of the Old Man and The Young is inscribed on the base of the ceramic statement.
The title of the work “Government-inspected Meat” is gay slang for those men that have successfully qualified to serve in the armed forces despite their sexual orientation.
The work therefore calls into question the fact that such individuals qualify to serve their country only when their sexual orientation is closeted (especially in America – with their Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.).

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