Monday, January 19, 2009


I wish to bring to the attention of all my religious friends the website of the Gay Catholic Forum and their views on homosexuality and related issues. I express my solidarity with their struggle for acceptance in the church community. Their expressed views are in sharp contrast to the recent comments made by the pope - captured in the news paper article posted below the following text.

We, the Gay Catholic Forum, believe that sexuality is a fundamental element of every human being and that our homosexuality is a special gift God has given us. We thank God for this wonderful gift!
As baptized members of the Church, the People of God, we strive to be faithful followers of the Resurrected Christ. We believe that the Holy Spirit will guide us in living our vocation.

We are sorry that some in the Church do not understand or appreciate our gift. While we are saddened and hurt by the misinformation these people promote, we pray with hope for a time when the Church is more attuned to the working of the Holy Spirit. We trust in the Lord.

We will not allow anyone to come between us and the love of God. ”.
Extract from their website - click on the link above.

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