Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Giant Pansy

Pansy, Trimardeau or Giant Pansy. Hardy. Entirely distinct and beautiful race, with flowers of the richest and most varied shades of colour. The plants are of a vigorous and compact growth, and the flowers are each marked with three large blotches or spots. They are of fine form and size hitherto unattained in this genus - the largest of the Pansy family. Pansies are a great specialty with some colonial nurserymen, and very fine varieties can be obtained at reasonable price.

One of my latest Ceramic Scuptures, Slip cast earthenware (1100) with under glaze painting, ceramic decals and gold lustre.

This figure is part of a series of Ceramic Sculptures reflecting / commenting on injustices, prejudice and victimization of individuals due to their sexual orientation.

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